Weekend in Review


Hey everyone!

So I totally realized that on Friday (while on my sick bed, go figure) I never wrote a week wrap up! It’s such a bummer, because one of my favorite events from the entire year happened this weekend, and I really wanted to keep you guys updated! Although, if any of you have a facebook page, and have “liked” fire and light, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

It was the fire and light annual seconds sale! Oh my goodness guys, I seriously cannot express how much I love going to this thing. I know all of my non-humboldt fam has experienced the awesomeness that is fire and light, and I’m telling you, that if you have the opportunity to hit up a family member going (ahem, me) then you should totally do it!! Unfortunately, I got there at the heinously late hour of 4 (it was from 7:30 to 6 on Saturday) and all the supremely awesome colors like RED (*sigh*) and grape had been totally wiped out. For those very few that know me yet don’t know what fire and light is, you can check out their facebook page or go to their site here: http://www.fireandlight.com/

So anywho, the rest of my weekend was spent mostly trying to get over this dang cold and watching A LOT of tv; though mostly from my laptop sincemy dang DIRECTV is broken! :/ If anyone knows any cool troubleshooting tips regarding the receiver box, let me know! I did head to the mall for some QT with my awesome friend Jessi and just so happened to run into my brother and his amazing gf and we chilled. I love him!! 😀

Here are some cell pics from my weekend (and some from the week so far):

Think my bunny’s molting much?? Haha!!


I think I might buy him this beanie for xmas…shhh… 😉


YUM!! I tried this for the first time the other day and it is HEAVENLY.



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