Weekly Wrap Up!


So this month has been quite the ride! Tons of birthdays, (Rocky’s, Sarah’s,Tashayna’s,and numerous friends),Rocky shot his first buck of the season (pics to come),the ruth fire…and also, the start of this blog! 🙂

First off, this weekend let’s not forget about the Fortuna apple harvest festival on Saturday! You can check out the link on my previous post for more info.

Also, I heard on the radio yesterday that the fire out in Trinity County/Ruth area has been contained! Yay! If you want to read more into that, they have a facebook page under Ruth,CA.

And sad news, Humboldtians! Looks like the start of the rainy season is upon us! We’re looking at overcast skies on Sunday then rain for most of the week next week. 😥 Hopefully we will see sun again in the near(ish) future… until then, I’ll just dream of sunny lunches at the burrito wagon with Kate like the one I had yestarday.

Oh, and by the way, I HAVE to share something that I am way too excited about…it might be super nerdy,but that’s alright.



The one for the money book series is the most awesome book series everrrr! It’s on book 18 currently and doesn’t look like it has any intention of stopping, and I’m super amazingly stoked that they are finally making it into a movie!


And now onto the future:

This weekend, I’m super excited because a bunch of my friends are coming over on Sunday for a polish (as in nail polish) party! This all stemmed from my awesome friend Ashley being really good at free hand cheetah print…

…isn’t that amazing? So this is what we’re going to spend that craptacular rainy Sunday doing: great friends, bad movies, with an outcome of some awesome looking fingernails. I’d say this weekend is going to end on a satisfactory note.

Oh, and speaking of this weekend, if all you peeps have nothing better to do this weekend, you should pick up the new Rachael Ray Thanksgiving Issue! It’s supposed to be their biggest yet.

See? It’s never too early to start planning for the biggest feast of the year. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’ll be hosting it at my house this year, and I’m excited! Any tips/ideas that you want to share, just let me know.

Thanks for reading! Have a fab weekend. 🙂


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