Hey blog readers!!

So I decided every once in a while it’d be a fun idea to post some cool recipes/food related ideas that I find whilst browsing the internet/magazines, or just ideas from friends/family. I love pretty much anything that has to do with food, whether it’s preparing at it, watching masters prepare it, or even just really cool ideas that are kinda crazy, it’s all really fascinating to me and I hope that even if you don’t really find the same passion that I do in this kind of stuff that maybe it’ll give you something interesting to read. 🙂 This one, as you can tell, is apple themed,although I doubt every time I do a post they will be themed. Anywho…enjoy!


First off, since the weather is starting to cool off I’ve been looking into making my first apple pie of the season, this recipe looks like it’d be more simple, with ingredients that you’d already have in the house (besides apples of course): I’m thinking about trying this out here pretty quick, I’ll have to post some pics when I do!


For those of you in the Humboldt County area, there’s actually an apple harvest festival coming up in Fortuna on Oct 1st! Here’s the website for more info:


Keeping up with the apple theme, here’s some really cute apple craft ideas from

Apple Votives

This one’s good for entertaining (I love how the leaf is used for the person’s place card on the plate):

At Home in the Orchard

Shrunken Apple Heads



Thanks for reading! And as I’ve said before, feel free to leave any comments/suggestions…you can also email me on facebook if it’s more appropriate. 😀


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