Hey y’all!

So this is my first attempt at really getting this whole blog thing really set up, so if there’s any changes/suggestions let me know, and I’ll see what I can come up with! 🙂 So, the main purpose of this blog is to bring my family from all over the country (and world) to one place so we can see the comings and goings of each other’s lives when we just can’t be around each other in person. Also from time to time, I’m thinking about posting some favorites that I love, be it from food to a location that’s on my dream travel list, so that way we can all have a discussion point! Anything that you would like to add to that favorites list just comment and I’ll make sure to add it along the way! I think that it’s really important to be able to have those close to you know what’s happening in your life because we all love each other and it’s always fun to see where we are all going in our lives. Unfortunately at the moment I am limited to photos from my cell phone because I don’t have an sd card reader at the moment, but as soon as I can, I will make sure to start uploading photos! I’m only going to post a couple at a time, but if you want your own copy of any others from certain events email me and I’ll be happy to send any digital copies.

Thanks for reading, and I really hope you guys can participate and find as much fun in this as I hope to!

–Sarah and I went to Kome in Fortuna on Sunday and it was DELICIOUS! Highly recommended! This is the cherry blossom roll.–



4 responses to “Hi!

  1. Hey Andrea! How’s it going? Nice idea for this blog! So yeah what’s new? Field Hockey Season for Brittni & I! Brittni’s Field Hockey Captain… & our Carnaval Dances are starting up again that’s what we’ve been up to lol:)

    Hopefully we can go up there soon!

    Take Care 🙂

    • Hey breana!
      Thanks for the support! I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time now, and I really hope it takes off! So if you guys have any pix/posts that you’d like me to add, just let me know! And that’s really exciting about the field hockey! Tell brittni congrats for me. You guys will have to email me some pics of this stuff to add on here! 🙂 Talk to you soon!

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